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Applaws Tin Kitten - Tuna In Jelly 70g

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Features: Applaws Tin Tuna in Jelly will make your kitten jolly! Each tin contains the highest quality, human-grade fish protein, gently cooked in a soft natural jelly made from human-grade carrageenan extracted from seaweed. It also provides a natural source of taurine which is essential for proper functioning of the heart and eye. This is a complete and balanced diet for kittens. * Suitable for kittens * Tuna in jelly recipe * Jelly is made of human-grade carrageenan extracted from seaweed * 100% natural with no additives * Provides a natural source of taurine * Ingredients: Tuna, Sunflower Oil, Vegetable Gelling Agent, Vitamins and Minerals, Taurine.

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