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Cats Best Sensitive / Green Power 20L 7.2kg

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* Cat's Best Sensitive is the firm clumping litter for antibacterial hygiene without the need for any chemical additives. Green pearls are incorporated into the litter for a natural antibacterial effect, thus making this litter an alternative to mineral-based cat litter which is often expensive to dispose of and not readily biodegradable. The pellets are made of refined active wood fibers that effectively absorb and trap moisture and odors deep inside. This neutralizes odors so effectively that the cat litter can remain in the litter tray for up to seven weeks! The pellets function best when you regularly dispose of the solid excretions and clumps that form after the cat has used the litter tray. This saves time and costs and ensures cleanliness and comfort all around. Only the best litter for the best cats in the world! * Firm clumping litter * Infused with green pearls for natural antibacterial effect * Excellent odor-binding * Very economical, highly effective * Compostable and biodegradable * Can be disposed in household toilet.

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