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Catsan Cat Litter Ultra Odor Control Formula 10L

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* Catsan Ultra Odor Control Formula * Ultra Deodorizing * Ultra Absorbency * Ultra Clumping * Catsan Ultra Odor Control Cat Litter is a quality cat litter made from naturally occurring Sodium Bentonite. A hygienic, handy and effective answer to controliing odors. When wet, the clay particles quickly absorb moisture and odors and form small well-defined clumps. * Catsan Ultra Odor Control Cat Litter is easily removed prolonging the life of the litter while leaving the tray clean and fresh. * Catsan Ultra Odor Control Cat Litter is hygienic, handy and very economical. If pet waste is removed daily, the remaining litter will not need to be discarded. Simply top up with Catsan to the recommended depth.

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